Property development regulations for houses of worship shall be as follows:
   (A)   Houses of worship and main and accessory buildings, other than dwellings, and accessory buildings to dwellings, shall be set back from all exterior and interior sidelines a distance of not less than 25 feet;
   (B)   Houses of worship may exceed the height limitation of the district if the minimum depth of rear yards and the minimum width of the side yards required in district are increased one foot for each two feet by which the house of worship exceeds the prescribed height limitations;
   (C)   Off-street parking shall be provided as specified in § 152.058;
   (D)   All other property development regulations within the districts in which the house of worship is located shall apply and be the minimum required. If a house of worship is to be located in a non-residential district, property development regulations of the most restrictive district (RS1) shall be the minimum unless otherwise specified in divisions (A), (B) and (C) above of this section.
(Ord. 172, § 7-800, passed 4-5-90)