(A)   Items included. This section includes those accessory uses, buildings and structures customarily incidental and subordinate to the principal use or building and located on the same lot, it does not include fences, walls and hedges which are covered in § 152.055.
   (B)   Permitted accessory uses - residential districts. The following accessory uses shall be permitted in all Residential Districts subject to the accessory use requirements of division (A) above.
      (1)   Accessory garages, carports, canopies, patios, outdoor fireplaces, porta-cocheres, bathhouses, cabanas, children's play houses, swings and other play structures or equipment, greenhouses and other accessory buildings or structures.
      (2)   Off-street parking areas, as regulated in § 152.058.
      (3)   Signs, as regulated in § 152.061.
      (4)   Private swimming pools, as regulated in § 152.060.
      (5)   Amateur radio sending and receiving antenna, provided the height thereof (including masts) shall not exceed 75 feet measured from finished lot grade.
(Ord. 172, §§ 7-200 - 7-202, passed 4-5-90; Am. Ord. 188, passed 2-10-92)