(A)   To classify, regulate, and restrict the use of land and structures, the town is hereby divided into, or provisions are hereby made for future division into, the following zoning districts. Furthermore, these districts have been established to encourage the most appropriate use of land within the town, to protect property values, to regulate the intensity of land use, and to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.
   (B)   Single-Family Residential Districts. The Residential Districts are intended to be limited to dwellings and public or semi-public uses which are normally associated with residential neighborhoods. The only uses permitted in residential districts are those which would not detract from the residential character of the neighborhood. The purpose of these two districts is to create an attractive, stable and orderly residential environment. However, the property development regulations vary among the districts in order to provide for the various housing needs and designs of citizens.
   (C)   General Business District. The General Business District is created to provide for local or neighboring business uses that will be compatible with adjoining residential areas. The GB District is designed to provide for commercial, office, public and semi-public structures which are to be typically much less commercial in appearance and architecturally harmonious with residential structures. This district is intended to provide for the services necessary to support local neighborhoods and their residents.
   (D)   Flood Hazard District (FH). Flood hazard zoning has been created to protect the public health and to reduce the financial burdens which may be imposed on the community, its governmental units and its citizens as a result of improper use of lands which are subject to periodic flooding. Construction or development of the flood hazard areas of the town could result in the potential loss of life and property, create health and safety hazards and lead to extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection and relief. Since development of these areas is not essential to the orderly growth of the community these lands are to be reserved for suitable open space uses that do not require structures or fill.
(Ord. 172, §§ 5-100 - 5-103, passed 4-5-90; Am. Ord. 291, passed 6-18-01)