The Zoning Ordinance of Prince's Lakes, Indiana is deemed necessary by the Town Council in order to:
   (A)   Preserve, promote and protect the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience and general, welfare of the town;
   (B)   Provide for adequate light, air, and privacy, to secure safety from fire, flood and other danger, and to prevent overcrowding of the land and undue congestion of population;
   (C)   Protect the character and the social and economic stability of all parts of the town and to encourage the orderly and beneficial development of all parts of the town;
   (D)   Protect and conserve the value of land throughout the town and the value of buildings and improvements upon the land and to minimize the conflicts among the use of land and buildings;
   (E)   Guide public and private policy and action in order to provide adequate and efficient transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, playgrounds, recreation and other public improvements and facilities;
   (F)   Prevent the pollution of air, streams, and ponds; to assure the adequacy of drainage facilities; to safeguard the natural resources throughout the town in order to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the community and the value of land;
   (G)   Preserve the natural beauty and topography of the town and to insure appropriate development with regard to these natural features.
(Ord. 172, § 1-300, passed 4-5-90)