Existing parks and recreation facilities in Price are a source of pride and expertly maintained to high levels of safety and operation, providing recreational facilities for residents and visitors.
Price City parks and recreation facilities include:
   A.   Desert Wave pool;
   B.   Washington park;
   C.   Pioneer park;
   D.   Terrace Hills park;
   E.   Underpass park;
   F.   Price City Peace Garden;
   G.   South Price park;
   H.   Detention Basin park;
   I.   Atwood Baseball Complex;
   J.   CEU Prehistoric Museum;
   K.   Heritage park;
   L.   Rose park;
   M.   Skate park;
   N.   BMX Track park.
Additional facilities adjacent to Price City boundaries, which are operated and maintained by Carbon County include the county fairgrounds and sports complex, motocross and model airplane airport. Also, proposed new parks, trails and open space areas have been identified as shown in "Parks, Recreation, And Trails, Exhibit 6", of this article. Many of the local recreation programs in Price are currently administered through the Carbon County recreation department. As the need expands for additional programs, the city may see the need to increase involvement in programming through staffing and increased involvement on the county recreation board. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)