In trying to meet the need for a balanced mix of housing in Price, a key objective is to seek and require development of high quality. High density residential developments, such as condominiums, townhomes, etc., which are not geared toward meeting low or moderate income housing objectives, are currently too few in number. The development of projects which include quality design, landscaping, amenities and good maintenance should be encouraged and sought as new housing demands increase.
   A.   Student Housing: An important and continuing need for high density housing is in the realm of student housing. As the student enrollment increases, further needs for providing student housing locations will arise. Areas close in proximity to the College of Eastern Utah are deemed best for additional student housing development. Nearby accommodations reduce car trips, make student life more affordable, and help current single-family housing areas maintain their integrity.
   B.   Senior Citizen Housing: Seniors play an important role in the community and are a growing faction of the local population. More quality senior housing developments need to be encouraged, which will integrate within the single-family low density zones and become an asset to the community. Assisted living residential projects are encouraged throughout the community in facilities constructed for that purpose. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)