It is the intent of the city to prepare and adopt a Price City transportation master plan. Planning and providing for safe and efficient transportation is the chief objective of such a plan. When completed, the master plan will be a vital appendix to this article.
A transportation master plan includes planning for the flow of traffic on and the use of city streets. In the streets component of a transportation plan, policies are established which foster a safe and effective street system, classify streets according to their intended function, establish street design requirements, and identify areas where street improvements are needed. The "Streets Classification Map, Exhibit 5", of this article, shows the existing and intended use of Price City streets by classification.
Goals for improving and developing necessary transportation infrastructure are outlined in a master plan. The following transportation issues relating to streets and vehicular traffic are included in the goals of the Price City plan:
   A.   Street improvement projects, including the connection of Cedar Hills Drive: 1) to Homestead Boulevard; and 2) the construction of Anadarko Road to Airport Road, and Wood Hill Road; and
   B.   Highway improvement, including increased efforts to make U.S. Highway 6 into an interstate freeway.
Additionally, open space areas around the city should be reviewed to determine needs for possible access and improved traffic flow. Connections may be warranted from the southern end of 700 East Street to Highway 55, and between the Castle Heights and Sagewood areas to Airport Road. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)