17.10.170: INTRODUCTION:
Price City is interested in pursuing and maintaining a healthy level of economic growth. Such growth is a means of providing a balanced, healthy economy in Price. It is a means of expanding our tax base for better homes, better schools and better public services. It is a means of providing more employment opportunities.
The city also recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining an appropriate level of community sustainability. While total sustainability is not possible, any reduction in the percentage of imported goods and services strengthens the community's ability to survive both economically and environmentally. The export of native goods and services to nearby communities, if it does not denigrate the quality of life and impact the natural environment, will also provide long term benefits to Price City. Those benefits will be in terms of business opportunities, stable employment and increased economic well being.
Price acts as a regional center for commercial needs and services in Carbon County and surrounding areas. Building upon existing opportunities and services becomes important as Price continues to fill this important role in the region. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)