17.10.090: ENVIRONMENT:
Protection of the environment is considered an important part of planning in Price. Development plans should be sensitive to the environment of the immediate area, as well as the whole community. Those areas in Price which are considered to be environmentally sensitive include land which: a) is within a designated 100-year floodplain; b) is subject to geological hazards, unstable soil conditions, slopes in excess of twenty five percent (25%), or rockfall areas; and c) has a high water table and ground water, including wetlands, perched water and drainageways.
Areas within Price recognized as having significant concern for environmental protection include the banks and adjacent lands along the Price River, Meads Wash and associated drainage corridors. Additionally, there exists concern for the protection and prevention of erosion of Wood Hill and other hills to the north of the city. These areas require special attention by the city and any potential developers, to make the protection of the environment an important objective. (See "Environmentally Sensitive Areas Map, Exhibit 4", of this section.)
   A.   Hillsides: Development on hillside areas is to be restricted with regard to grading, slope, rockfall, natural vegetation, drainage, and the provision of city services.
   B.   Wetlands: Wetlands are widely regarded as a valuable natural resource. The values that wetlands provide include water filtration/purification, the absorption and breakdown of toxins, the recharging of ground water, flood control, habitat for wildlife, recreation and education and aesthetics. It is the objective of Price City to preserve wetland areas where possible. In some cases, however, the best course of action might be to consider development which will improve and enhance disturbed wetlands.
Protection of the environment throughout the city also requires continued attention to preserving and improving air quality, water quality and the planting of trees.
   C.   Open Space Preservation: Open space preservation is recognized as an important land use and function of Price City. Several areas within the city are targeted for open space preservation, including the banks and adjoining land along Price River, Meads Wash, and Price Canal, as well as Wood Hill. These areas may include open space parks and the development of recreational trails. Additionally, several areas which fall within designated potential annexation areas include lands which are best suited to be maintained for open space and recreational purposes.
Private property owners of undeveloped land, who do not desire to develop their properties, are encouraged to preserve open space through conservation easements, agriculture protection areas, or other open space preservation methods.
(Ord. 2004-001, 2004)