Listed below are the motto, mission statement and vision statement of the Price City general plan as developed and recommended by the general plan advisory committee, and as part of the "Price City: A Utah 21st Century Community" report.
The motto serves as a slogan to paint a picture or send a message in relation to the character of the community. The mission statement represents the overriding purpose of what the city is and does. The vision statement reflects the shared image of what people want the city to become at some point in the future. It is the big picture to guide decisions.
      Price, the Heart of Utah's Castle Country 1
      The mission of Price City is to protect and promote the welfare of all citizens by ensuring exceptional service and leadership through communication, cooperation and creativity.
      Price will be a clean, friendly community that retains its safe, small town feel and charm. The citizens envision a city that is progressive, unified, rich in heritage and ethnic diversity, with economic security and responsive government, quality education, healthy environment and good medical facilities.
(Ord. 2004-001, 2004)



1. See also the motto to be used for economic development purposes in section 17.10.190 of this chapter.