The Price City general plan, referred to herein as the "plan", is the official statement of both short and long range goals and strategies to guide growth and development within the city. The plan focuses on improving the physical environment of the city as well as the quality of life of the citizens. It is intended to be an effective working tool employed by the city in making community decisions and achieving planning goals.
An important companion and reference document to this plan is found in appendix A, "Price City: A 21st Century Community", on file in the city.
   A.   Plan Update: The process to update the Price City general plan began in September 2003. The city general plan prior to that time had not been officially adopted or updated for several years. The task set forth was to, in essence, start from scratch and create a new plan, which could serve as a foundational plan for the community into future years.
   A general plan advisory committee was created to work with the planning consultants, the planning group at J-U-B Engineers. The committee was made up of various members of the community, as well as representatives from city staff, the planning commission and the city council. In the scope of four (4) meetings, the committee was charged with the responsibility to provide feedback and direction for the establishment of the elements and goals for the new general plan. Meeting with a group of community stakeholders, the committee participated in several visioning and planning exercises. Six (6) neighborhood meetings were held in various locations throughout the city to allow the public an opportunity to provide input into the planning process. Additional public input was sought and received through the distribution of a survey.
   The survey requested input in the following areas: 1) vision for the future; 2) quality of life; 3) growth in the community; 4) economic development; 5) downtown revitalization; 6) roadways/transportation; 7) parks and recreation; and 8) comments. Approximately three thousand eight hundred (3,800) surveys were mailed to Price residents with the city utility billings in September, with additional copies distributed at city hall.
   A total of three hundred twenty five (325) surveys were returned, representing a return rate of eight and one-half percent (81/2%). The average national rate of return for such surveys is approximately three percent (3%). In general, survey respondents displayed a feeling that Price is a good place to live and raise a family. Key issues involving a lot of interest and support by the respondents include the need for:
      1.   More job opportunities and expanded economic development;
      2.   More recreation opportunities and youth activities;
      3.   A better, cleaner atmosphere and appearance in the city; and
      4.   Continued emphasis on a city which is a good, friendly, and safe place for children and families.
(For more survey results, see appendix B, "Price City General Plan Survey Results", as referenced in the ordinance codified herein, on file in the city.)
Following review and revisions, public hearings before the planning commission and city council were held. The plan, as presented here, was adopted by the Price City council on April 13, 2004. (Ord. 2004-001, 2004)