A.   Whether employed by the consumer or a utility to survey, test, repair or maintain backflow prevention assemblies, the certified backflow technicians, surveyors or repair persons will have the following responsibilities:
      1.   Ensuring that acceptable testing equipment and procedures are used for testing, repairing or overhauling backflow prevention assemblies;
      2.   Make reports of such testing and/or repair to the consumer, water purveyor and the bureau of drinking water/sanitation on forms approved for such use by the bureau of drinking water/sanitation, and within the time frames prescribed by the bureau of drinking water/sanitation;
      3.   The report shall include the list of materials or replacement parts used;
      4.   Ensuring that replacement parts are equal in quality to parts originally supplied by the manufacturer of the assembly being repaired;
      5.   Not changing the design, material or operational characteristics of the assembly during testing, repair or maintenance;
      6.   A certified technician shall perform all tests of the mechanical devices/assemblies and be responsible for the competence and accuracy of all tests and reports;
      7.   Ensuring his license is current, the testing equipment being used is acceptable to the state, and is in proper operating condition;
      8.   Be equipped with, and be competent to use, all necessary tools, gauges and other equipment necessary to properly test, and maintain backflow prevention assemblies;
      9.   The certified technician conducting the test must tag each double check value, pressure vacuum breaker, reduced pressure backflow assembly and high hazard air gap, showing the serial number, date tested and by whom tested. The technician's license number must also appear on this tag.
   B.   In the case of a consumer requiring a commercially available technician, any certified technician is authorized to make the test and report the results of that test to the consumer, water purveyor and the bureau of drinking water/sanitation. If such a commercially tested assembly is in need of repair, Utah Code Annotated section 58-55-301 requires a licensed plumber make the actual repair. (Ord. 90-009, 1990)