Article I. Administration And Service Regulations
13.04.010: Superintendent Of Waterworks; Appointment
13.04.020: Superintendent Of Waterworks; Powers And Duties
13.04.030: Application For Service; Contents
13.04.040: Application For Service; Statement Of Purpose Required
13.04.050: Installation Of Private Service
13.04.060: Water Meters; Installation Required
13.04.070: Water Meters; Costs Paid To City
13.04.080: Permit Required For Certain Uses Of Water
13.04.090: Access For Examination By Superintendent; Violation Forfeits Right To Use Water
13.04.100: Connection Fees And Service Charges
13.04.110: Service; Liability Limitations
13.04.120: Water Rates Set By Council
13.04.130: Water Rates For Connections Outside City Limits
13.04.140: Water Rates For Other Municipalities Or Water Companies
13.04.150: Fund For Deposit Of Revenues
13.04.160: Water Rates; Reduction Following Retirement Of Certain Bonds
13.04.170: Use Restrictions
13.04.180: Supplying Water To Motors Prohibited When
13.04.190: Extending Service Without Permission Prohibited
13.04.200: Turning Water On After Turnoff Due To Violation Or Delinquent Payment Prohibited
13.04.210: Unauthorized Opening Of Fixtures Prohibited
13.04.220: Unauthorized Opening Of Curb Boxes Prohibited
13.04.230: Digging In Street Prohibited; Exception
Article II. Backflow And Cross Connection Control
13.04.240: Purpose Of Provisions
13.04.250: Responsibility
13.04.260: Consumer Responsibility
13.04.270: Plumbing Official Responsibility
13.04.280: Certified Backflow Assembly Technicians, Surveyors Or Repair Person Responsibilities
13.04.290: Definitions
13.04.300: Policy
13.04.310: Failure To Correct; Penalty