10.08.050: EXEMPTIONS:
   A.   Any vehicle which is found not to be in conformity with this chapter and which is manufactured prior to January 1, 1973, may be exempted from the noise levels specified herein, provided a good and sufficient showing can be made:
      1.   That it is mechanically impossible, without major construction, to modify such equipment so as to be in compliance; or
      2.   That to comply would cause irreparable harm or injury to the engine of such vehicle.
   B.   An exemption may be granted if the city council or its authorized representative shall be satisfied that a condition as provided above exists rendering compliance impossible, that the vehicle is equipped in all other respects so as to minimize to the maximum degree possible the objectionable noise, and that the noise thus emitted shall not be of such a nature as to necessitate its total prohibition.
   C.   This provision shall not apply to new equipment which, as manufactured, could have complied with the noise levels specified in section 10.08.030 of this chapter, but which has been modified so as to no longer be in compliance. (Ord. 1231-72, 1972)