A.   The city may issue a notice suspending or revoking a sexually oriented business or employee license granted under this chapter if a licensee or an employee of the licensee has:
      1.   Violated or is not in compliance with this chapter;
      2.   Has refused to allow any inspection of the premises of the sexually oriented business specifically authorized by this chapter, or by any other statute or ordinance;
      3.   Has failed to replenish the cost bond as provided in this chapter (such a suspension shall extend until the bond has been replenished);
      4.   Given materially false or misleading information in obtaining the license;
      5.   Knowingly operated the sexually oriented business or worked under the employee license during the period when the business licensee or employee licensee's license was suspended;
      6.   A licensee has committed an offense which would be grounds for denial of a license for which the time period required has not elapsed;
      7.   On two (2) or more occasions within a twelve (12) month period, a person or persons committed in or on, or solicited for on the licensed premises, or an outcall employee solicited or committed on or off the premises, an offense which would be grounds for denial of a license for which a conviction has been obtained, and the person or persons were employees, whether or not licensed, of the sexually oriented business at the time the offenses were committed; or
      8.   A licensee is delinquent in payment to the city for fees related to the sexually oriented business.
   B.   Suspension or revocation shall take effect within fifteen (15) days of the issuance of notice, unless an appeal is filed as provided by this chapter.
   C.   The fact that a conviction is being appealed shall have no effect on the revocation of the license. (Ord. 2006-002, 2006)