A.   It is unlawful for business premises licensed for seminude entertainment to:
      1.   Permit a bed, sofa, mattress or similar item in any room on the premises, except that a sofa may be placed in a reception room open to the public or in any office to which patrons are not admitted, and except that in an adult theater such items may be on the stage as part of a performance;
      2.   Allow any door on any room used for the business, except for the door to an office to which patrons shall not be admitted, outside doors and restroom doors, to be lockable from the inside;
      3.   Provide any room in which the employee or employees and the patron or patrons are alone together without a separation by a solid physical barrier at least three feet (3') high and six inches (6") wide. The patron or patrons shall remain on one side of the barrier and the employee or employees shall remain on the other side of the barrier.
   B.   Adult theaters shall also require that the performance area shall be separated from the patrons by a minimum of six feet (6'), which separation shall be delineated by a physical barrier at least three feet (3') high. (Ord. 2006-002, 2006)