A.   In addition to the general requirements of disclosure for a sexually oriented business, any applicant for a license as an adult business shall also submit a diagram, drawn to scale, of the premises of the license. The design and construction, prior to granting a license or opening for business, shall conform to the following:
      1.   The interior of the premises shall be configured in such a manner that there is an unobstructed view from a manager's station of every area of the premises to which any patron is permitted access for any purpose, excluding restrooms.
      2.   Restrooms may not contain any video reproduction equipment or any of the business merchandise. Signs shall be posted requiring only one person being allowed in the restroom per stall, and only one person in any stall at a time, and requiring that patrons shall not be allowed access to manager's station areas.
      3.   For businesses which exclude minors from the entire premises, all windows, doors and other apertures to the premises shall be darkened or otherwise constructed to prevent anyone outside the premises from seeing the inside of the premises. Businesses which exclude minors from less than all of the premises shall be designed and constructed so that minors may not see into the area from which they are excluded.
      4.   The diagram required shall not necessarily be a professional engineer or architect's blueprint; however, the diagram must show marked internal dimensions, all overhead lighting fixtures, and ratings for illumination capacity.
   B.   It shall be the duty of the licensee and the licensee's employees to ensure that the views from the manager's station in subsection A1 of this section remain unobstructed by any doors, walls, merchandise, display racks or any other materials at all times that any patron is present in the premises, and to ensure that no patron is permitted access to any area of the premises which has been designated as an area in which patrons will not be permitted.
   C.   The premises shall at all times be equipped and operated with overhead lighting fixtures of sufficient intensity to illuminate every place to which patrons are permitted access at an illumination of not less than one foot-candle, measured at floor level. It shall be the duty of the licensee and the licensee's employees present on the premises to ensure that the illumination described above is maintained at all times that any patron is present in the premises. (Ord. 2006-002, 2006)