5.04.130: DEFINITIONS:
For purposes of this title, the following terms shall have the meanings herein prescribed:
AGRICULTURAL VENDOR: A person engaged in the sale of fruits and/or vegetables from stands, motor vehicles or roadsides.
BUSINESS: Means and includes every trade, craft, enterprise, occupation, profession or activity pursued for gain or profit including nonprofit and benevolent activities, excluding, however, services rendered by an employee to an employer.
CITY: Price City, a municipal corporation situated within Carbon County, state of Utah.
CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT: An approval granted by the city for use of land, based on certain and specific conditions in conformance with the city's then current land use management and development code.
CONDUCTING BUSINESS: To sell, offer to sell or display for sale any tangible property either at retail or wholesale; the manufacture of goods or property, or to render or offer to render any services for consideration, except services rendered by an employee to an employer.
EMPLOYEE: Means and includes all persons who work for an employer for salary, commission, wage or payment in-kind and who are subject to the direction and control of such employer, except as may be received in connection with a qualified profit sharing plan.
ENGAGING IN BUSINESS: Shall include the renting by a lessor of space, whether enclosed or not, to be used as office space for any use or endeavor, including, but not limited to, commercial, medical, legal, cosmetic, hair/nail salons, automotive, dental or other professional activities.
GARAGE SALE: A sale conducted by an individual resident of the city, or an owner or occupant of the residence, for the purpose of disposing of unwanted or surplus household furnishings or other personal items, and includes yard, moving, estate, rummage or tag sales, all of which are synonymous. This term does not include any event or activity which would require the business or person to possess a valid business license issued by the city.
HOME OCCUPATION: Any business activity entered into for profit, nonprofit or benevolent activity, and conducted or operated from or in residential premises within the city.
LEGAL ENTITY: A body, other than a natural person, that can function legally, sue or be sued, and make decisions through agents.
LICENSE: A certificate issued by the city acknowledging that the licensee has complied with the ordinances of the city and is authorized to conduct business at the location within the city limits as identified on the certificate.
MERCHANDISE: Goods, food, wares, photographs, publication subscriptions, tickets, coupons or receipts representing value.
MOTOR VEHICLE: All trucks, panel wagons, vans and other motor vehicles, including privately owned motor vehicles that are used in conjunction with the operation of a business duly licensed under this title.
MULTIUSE WAREHOUSE FACILITY: A building or facility used for the conduct of individual businesses, commerce, sales or service.
PAWNBROKER: Any person who loans money or deals in the purchase or exchange of personal property on condition of selling the same back again to the pledgee or the depositor; or who loans or advances money on personal property by taking a chattel mortgage or other security thereon, or takes or receives such personal property or other indicia of title into his/her possession; or any person who sells unredeemed pledges with or without the contemporary sale of new merchandise to facilitate the sale of merchandise.
PERMANENT BUSINESS: Any business conducted in a fixed and permanent building enclosure at a location approved by city.
PERSON: Any individual or legal entity who either individually or as a member of another legal entity, engages in any business. Any individual, receiver, assignee, trustee in bankruptcy, trust, estate, firm, copartnership, joint venture, club, company, joint stock company, business trust, corporation, association, society or other group of individuals acting as a unit, whether mutual, cooperative, fraternal, nonprofit, benevolent or otherwise.
PLACE OF BUSINESS: Any place in the city wherein is located a business. It does not include a place in which goods of the licensee are kept for storage only, unless the nature of the business is storage.
REAL ESTATE AGENT: Any person who shall act as agent for any party in the leasing, renting or selling of houses or real estate, for private or public use, or who shall receive or collect rents for another for a commission or other compensation, or who shall advertise or hand out any sign or device which shall designate him/her as an agent for the renting, collecting rents, leasing or selling of houses or real estate.
REISSUANCE: To apply for a business license after the expiration of the last valid license and may be referred to as renewal.
RETAILER: Any person engaged in the sale or distribution of products, goods or commodities to the consumer. (Ord. 2008-001, 2008)