A.   City License Administrator: The city recorder, as authorized by resolution of the city council, is hereby appointed as the city license administrator. The city license administrator shall have business license application approval authority, with the exception of beer licenses, and shall have the same powers as granted to license inspectors. The city recorder is hereby designated as the city employee who shall issue, sign and deliver to all qualifying business license applicants a probationary business license, valid for a period of not more than thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. Within the thirty (30) day probationary license period, the license applicant shall be entitled to all rights, obligations and restrictions of a Price City business license holder and the Price City council shall approve or deny the said business license at its next regularly scheduled meeting in accordance with the rules and regulations herein.
   B.   License Inspectors: The police chief, fire chief and building inspector, as approved by resolution of the city council, are hereby appointed license inspectors and shall have and exercise the following powers and duties:
      1.   To enter, free of charge, at any reasonable time, any place of business and to request the exhibition of its business license for the current term from any person engaged or employed in the transaction of such business.
      2.   To examine all places of business where a license is required and to determine that at such place of business, no business other than the one described in and covered by the current license, is being transacted.
      3.   To report to the city license administrator all persons doing business without a proper and valid license for such business, to issue or cause to be issued, citations in accordance with the provisions of this title, or to take other appropriate action as directed by the city council.
   C.   City Council Approval: Applications for business licenses shall be processed, reviewed and evaluated and qualifying Price City business licenses issued by the city recorder in probationary status for up to thirty (30) days shall be considered by the city council for final approval or denial at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The city council shall grant license approval of all applications which meet the requirements of this title. Nothing in this section, however, shall limit the city council in its authority to issue or deny any license as provided in any other section of this title. (Ord. 2008-001, 2008; amd. Ord. 2009-05, 2009)