2-5-5: RETURNS:
   A.   Every operator, on or before the last day of each month, shall file with the city clerk a return of occupancy and of rents and of the taxes payable thereon for the preceding calendar month. The date of filing shall be the date of delivery to the city clerk.
   B.   The city clerk may permit or require returns to be made by shorter or longer periods and upon such dates as he/she may specify. The form of return shall be prescribed by the city clerk and shall contain such information as he/she may deem necessary for the proper administration of this code. The city clerk may require amended returns to be filed within twenty (20) days after notice, containing the information specified in the notice.
   C.   If a return required by this chapter is not filed or if a return when filed is incorrect or insufficient on its face, the city clerk shall take the necessary steps to enforce the filing of a return or an amended return. (Ord. 722, 2-1-2012)