A.   Definitions Pursuant To Statute: The phrases and words "journeyman plumber", "plumber's apprentice", "plumbing contractor", and "plumbing", when used in the ordinances, regulations and other official acts and communications of the city, shall have the meanings respectively prescribed for them by 59 Oklahoma Statutes section 1001 et seq., the state plumbing license law, specifically section 1003, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   B.   Certificate Of Registration Required: It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business, trade, or occupation of a plumbing contractor (otherwise known as a master plumber), or of a journeyman plumber, or of a plumber's apprentice, in the city unless he is registered with the city and has a current and valid certificate of registration issued by the plumbing inspector.
   C.   State Licenses Required: Only persons who have current and valid licenses as plumbing contractors or as journeyman plumbers issued by the state commissioner of health as provided by the state plumbing license law may register as such with the city. Only persons who have current and valid certificates of registration as plumbers' apprentices issued by the state commissioner of health as provided by the law, may register as such with the city.
   D.   Issuance; Term Of Registration:
      1.   Applicants for certificates of registration, after complying with the laws of the state and with the city code, and after payment of the required fee, shall be registered by the city.
      2.   The registration shall expire annually, but may be renewed from year to year. Plumbing contractors desiring to renew their registration shall furnish the same evidence of compliance with state licensing laws and the same bond is required as set forth by city code.
   E.   Bond: An applicant for plumbing contractor's registration shall also furnish bond in such sum and such conditions as set by the mayor and city council.
   F.   Expiration Of Registration: All plumbing contractors' registrations not renewed within ninety (90) days after the date of expiration thereof shall be canceled, and a new application for registration must be made and the fee for a new registration paid.
   G.   Fee: The fee for registration shall be as set by the city council by motion or resolution.
   H.   Revocation Of Registration; Notice; Hearing: The city council, upon at least ten (10) days' notice and adequate opportunity for a public hearing, may revoke the city registration of any plumbing contractor or journeyman plumber for violating any provisions of the ordinances or regulations of the city relating to the installation of plumbing or for any other cause specified in the state plumbing license law. (1990 Code § 5-203)