For the purpose of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section:
GARBAGE: All putrescible wastes, except sewage and body wastes, including all meat, vegetable and fruit refuse, and carcasses of small animals and fowl from any premises within the city limits.
HEALTH OFFICER: The director of the county health department.
PERSON: Any institution, public or private corporation, individual, partnership, or other entity.
PREMISES: Land, buildings or other structures, vehicles, watercraft, or parts thereof, upon or in which refuse is stored.
REFUSE: All solid wastes, including garbage and rubbish.
RUBBISH: Tin cans, bottles, papers, tree limbs (which shall be cut into lengths not exceeding 31/2 feet), leaves, etc., from any premises within the city limits.
RUBBLE: Brushwood, cardboard boxes and other bulky earthen, wooden, or metal refuse-like materials, longer, larger or heavier than refuse. (1990 Code § 17-401; amd. 2004 Code)