A.   Industrial Wastewater, Criteria: Wastewater which satisfies one of the following criteria shall be considered industrial wastewater:
      1.   Wastewater which exceeds the normal domestic concentration of two hundred fifty milligrams per liter (250 mg/l) BOD or two hundred fifty milligrams per liter (250 mg/l) SS;
      2.   Wastewater from industrial, manufacturing or food processing operations; or
      3.   Wastewater which contains materials toxic to biological wastewater treatment processes.
   B.   Industrial Users, Criteria: Sewer users which satisfy one of the following criteria shall be considered industrial users:
      1.   Any user who discharges industrial wastewater;
      2.   Any user who discharges more than twenty five thousand (25,000) gallons per day; or
      3.   Any user for which the federal categorical standards apply.
   C.   Wastewater Discharge Permit: After February 23, 1987, no industrial user shall discharge wastewater to the city sanitary sewer without a valid wastewater discharge permit issued by the city. All industrial users proposing to connect to or to discharge sewage, industrial waste, and other waste to the city sanitary sewer shall obtain a wastewater discharge permit before connecting to or discharging to the city sanitary sewer.
   D.   New Establishments; Date: New establishments constructed after February 23, 1987, shall submit a permit application and required information and obtain approval from the city before connecting to the sewer system. Establishments already existing on the effective date of these regulations shall submit a permit application and required information within one hundred twenty (120) days after the effective date hereof.
   E.   Permit Fee Schedule: The city shall charge fees for the issuance and renewal of permits based on the schedule adopted by the city. An annual report shall be submitted to the city certifying that there have been no changes in the operational procedures or, if there have been changes, furnishing the information required by the city.
   F.   Information Contained In Permit: Permits may contain the following:
      1.   The unit charge or schedule of user charges and fees for the wastewater to be discharged to a community sewer;
      2.   Limits on the average and maximum wastewater constituents and characteristics;
      3.   Limits on the average and maximum rate and time of discharge or requirements for flow regulations and equalization;
      4.   Requirements for installation and maintenance of inspection and sampling facilities;
      5.   Specifications for monitoring programs which may include sampling locations, frequency of sampling, number, types, and standards for test and reporting schedule;
      6.   Compliance schedules;
      7.   Requirements for submission of technical reports or discharge reports;
      8.   Requirements for maintaining and retaining plant records relating to wastewater discharge as specified by the city and affording city access thereto;
      9.   Requirements for notification of the city of any new introduction of wastewater constituents or any substantial change in the volume or character of the wastewater constituents being introduced into the wastewater treatment system;
      10.   Requirements for notification of abnormal discharges;
      11.   Approval by the city engineer; and
      12.   Other conditions as deemed appropriate by the city to ensure compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 576, 7-6-1998, eff. 7-6-1998)