A.   City Options: When wastewater containing any of the aforementioned materials is discharged into the sanitary sewer and such wastes are not properly pretreated or otherwise corrected, the city may:
      1.   Reject the wastes and terminate the service to the sanitary sewer;
      2.   Require control of the quantities and rates of discharge of such wastes with flow regulating devices; or
      3.   Require payment of surcharges for excessive cost of treatment, provided such wastes are amenable to treatment by existing wastewater treatment plant facilities.
   B.   Increase Or Dilute Discharge: Except where expressly authorized by the city to do so by an applicable categorical pretreatment standard, no industrial user shall ever increase the use of process water or, in any other way, attempt to dilute a discharge as a partial or complete substitute for adequate treatment to achieve compliance with this chapter's discharge limitations.
   C.   Costs Borne By User: All costs of analyzing and sampling of the wastewater shall be borne by the user. (Ord. 576, 7-6-1998, eff. 7-6-1998)