A.   Time Of Payment; Delinquency: All bills for utility services furnished by the City shall be due and payable when rendered and shall be considered delinquent ten (10) days thereafter. A delinquent bill shall become subject to immediate discontinuance of service when the next bill is rendered showing a previous balance due. (1990 Code § 17-206)
   B.   Penalty For Failure To Pay: In the event any consumer of utility services furnished by the City shall fail to pay his bill therefor when the same is due, a penalty as determined by the City Council shall be imposed. (1990 Code § 17-207)
   C.   Reconnection After Disconnection: In the event that utility service is disconnected for nonpayment of the bill, the consumer thereof shall have the right to have the same reconnected only upon the payment of the amount due, and in addition thereto, a reconnection fee as established by the city council from time to time. (1990 Code § 17-208)