9.44.010: TERMS DEFINED:
In construing the provisions of this chapter, except where otherwise plainly declared or clearly apparent from the context, words shall be given their common and ordinary meaning, and in addition, the following definitions shall apply:
ALARM SYSTEM: Any assembly of equipment, mechanical, electrical or electronic, designed to alert an alarm service company, law enforcement agency, the public, or any person or any public emergency response entity, of the commission or attempted commission of a crime, or occurrence of another emergency, at a particular location, excluding vehicle alarms.
FALSE ALARM: The activation of a burglary, robbery, or other emergency alarm for the purpose of summoning the police or other public emergency responders, including fire or medical, when no burglary, robbery, or other emergency is being committed, attempted, or is occurring on the premises. (Ord. 827 § 1, 1995)