TITLE FIVE - Administrative
Chap. 131.  City Manager.
Chap. 133.  Department of Finance and Audits.
Chap. 135.  Department of Law.
Chap. 137.  Police Department.
Chap. 139.  Fire Department.
Chap. 141.  Department of Engineering.
Chap. 143.  Department of Public Service.
Chap. 145.  Department of Utilities.
Chap. 151.  Urban Renewal.
Chap. 153.  Board of Health.
Chap. 157.  Civil Service Commission.
Chap. 159.  City of Portsmouth Human Rights Commission.
Chap. 161.  Citizens Council on Human Relations. (Repealed)
Chap. 163.  Portsmouth Art Commission.
Chap. 165.  Planning Commission.
Chap. 169.  Employees Generally.
Chap. 171.  Fair Housing Practices.
Chap. 173Records Commission-Retention and Disposition Policy.
Chap. 175.  Shade Tree Commission.
Chap. 177.  Traffic Advisory Committee.
         Chap. 179.  Private-Public Improvement Projects to City Owned