The Commission shall:
   (a)   Review, examine and consider all works of art to be acquired by the City whether by purchase, gift, or otherwise, and the location thereof prior to the acquisition thereof;
   (b)   Require to be submitted to it, whenever it deems it necessary, a complete model or design of any work of art to be acquired by the City;
   (c)   Review, examine, and consider the removal, relocation or alteration of any existing work of art in the possession of the City;
   (d)   Examine, at least once every two (2) years, as city funding allows, all City monuments and works of art and make a report to the City Manager, with recommendation for the future care and maintenance thereof;
   (e)   Establish rules and regulations for the procedures to be used in matters submitted to it for determination.
   (f)   Advocate for public art and the inclusion of public art and artists in the design and development of public spaces and facilities.
   (g)   Review, consider and recommend on the conservation of art subject to Commission approval as provided in Section 163.04.
      (Ord. 2020-54.  Passed 10-12-20.)