The Portsmouth Art Commission is created and established. The commission shall  consist of one (1) Councilmember, six (6) citizens of the city, one member being appointed by each of the six (6) Councilpersons and one (1) Councilmember elected by Council.  The members of the Commission shall be experienced and interested in the arts of architecture, landscape architecture, sculpture, painting or other similar arts and works of art and shall serve without compensation for a term of three (3) years, Councilmembers term shall be for the length of their term except that the terms of the original members shall be two (2) for one (1) year, two (2) for two (2) years, and two (2) for three (3) years. The Commission shall annually select from its membership a chairman who shall preside over its meetings and a vice-chairman who shall serve in the absence of the chairman and be responsible for taking minutes of the meetings. The presence of a majority of the members shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote of those present shall be required for any action by the Commission.  All meetings of the Commission are subject to the provisions of the Open Meetings Act.
(Ord. 2020-54.  Passed 10-12-20.)