(a)   "Art" shall include all forms of original works of art, regardless of permanence, created in any medium, material or combination thereof. Art includes, but is not limited to, sculptures, fountains, monuments, paintings, murals, arches, photographs, drawings, textiles, memorials, earthworks and "Floodwall Star" program. Art may take the form of individual works, or site-specific installations integrated into the design and physical development of a building, facility, or structure, park, plaza, or other public spaces. Art may be integrated with the work of other design professionals and should encompass the broadest range of expression.
   (b)   "Commission" means the Portsmouth Art Commission.
   (c)   "Conservation" means repairs and/or restoration necessary to return artwork to its original condition and integrity. Conservation can be required due to flaws, neglect, aging, damage, or vandalism. A professional conservator usually carries out treatments, often in collaboration with artists, and other experts.
(Ord. 2020-54.  Passed 10-12-20.)