1501.98  AMENDMENTS.
   The Ohio Fire Code, as adopted herein, is amended and changed in the following respects:
   Section F-310.7 (Enacted) Smoking Prohibited in Retail Establishments.
   No person shall smoke or carry a lighter cigar, cigarette, pipe or match, or use any cigar, cigarette or pipe lighter, or use any spark, flame or fire producing device, except such torches, welding or heating equipment as may be used by workmen in repairing or maintaining the building or equipment therein, in any retail store where merchandise is stored, displayed or offered for sale wherein there are signs posted in conspicuous places advising the public that no smoking is allowed therein.  However, the prohibition as herein set forth shall not apply to designated smoking rooms or rest rooms or to areas set apart for restaurants or for serving food or beverages, or to executive offices or beauty parlors located in such retail stores, or to other areas therein where merchandise is not stored or displayed.
(Ord. 1953-56.  Passed 6-10-53.)