(a)   Lavatories.  Every rooming house shall be equipped with at least one flush water closet, one lavatory basin and one bathtub or shower for each six persons or fraction thereof living within the rooming house, including members of the family of the owner or operator, if they share the use of facilities.  In a rooming house in which rooms are let only to males, flush urinals may be substituted for not more than one-half of the required number of water closets.  All such facilities shall be properly connected to approved water and sewerage systems.  No such facilities located in a basement or cellar shall count in computing the number of facilities required by this subsection except when approved by the Housing Inspector.
   Every flush water closet, flush urinal, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower required by this subsection shall be located within the rooming house in a room or rooms which:
      (1)   Afford privacy and are separate from the habitable rooms;
      (2)   Are accessible from a common hall, without going outside the rooming house, or through a bedroom;
      (3)   Are not more than one story removed from the rooming unit of any occupant intended to share the facilities.
   (b)   Bedding and Towels.  Where bedding, bed linen or towels are supplied, the owner or operator shall maintain the bedding in a clean and sanitary manner, and he shall furnish clean bed linen and towels at least once a week and prior to the letting of any room to any occupant.
(Ord. 1963-38.  Passed 4-11-63.)