TABLE G - Street Grade Levels and Change of Street Name
Ord. No.   Date   Description
1962-105   10-11-62   A portion of Kendall Ave., to Edgewood Dr.
1964-132   12-28-64   Thomas Ave., from Russell Rd. to Dorman Dr., to East Thomas Ave.
1975-23   2-25-75   Changing the name of part of Ritchie St., between 23rd and 24th Sts., to Potts Pl.
1984-54   7-24-84   Portion of Eleventh St., to Dr. James F. Scott Dr. East.
            Portion of Twelfth St., to Dr. James F. Scott Dr. West.
            Portion of old Twelfth St. to Dr. James F. Scott Place.
1994-67   7-11-94   Authorizing the Mayor to renew lease with the Fourteenth Street Community Center, leasing the McKinley Swimming Pool to said Center for the Summer of 1994.
1994-120   12-27-94   Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a lease with the Sciotoville Boat Club for certain property along the water front, for five two- year terms.
2008-43   7-28-08   Renames the portion of Turley Alley which runs between Hutchins Street and Clay Street and between 11th Street and Robinson Avenue to Calvary Way.