(a)   It shall be the duty of the person designated or appointed as the Building Officer to enforce this Zoning Code by the grant or refusal of building permits and occupancy authorizations and in accordance with the provisions of this Zoning Code.  The Mayor may also require that no permits or authorizations shall be issued by the Building Officer unless countersigned by another person authorized by the Mayor to do so, stating that the same is being issued in accordance with the provisions of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Before commencing or proceeding with the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair or removal of any house, building or other structure, or any part thereof, or the use of same after the construction thereof, a permit for such building or structural or repair work or an authorization for such use shall first be obtained by the owner, or his agent, or the occupant thereof, from the Building Officer, and it shall be unlawful to commence or proceed with any such work or use unless such permit has been first obtained.
   (c)   When a building permit has been issued, the operation called for by it shall be for a term of one year from  its date, and at the expiration of such period, a new building permit shall be obtained in the same manner as provided for the original building permit, before such work can proceed further.  (Ord. 1952-98.  Passed 12-17-52.)
   (d)   Applications for building permits shall be filed in triplicate upon appropriate forms furnished by the Building Officer, accompanied by a lot or plot plan showing the dimensions of the lot and the location and dimensions of the building.  The application shall state the character, use and extent of the building or structure to be erected, and the exact location thereof (including the subdivision name, block number, lot number, street name and number), the contractor employed for building the same, and such other information or data as the Building Officer may require.
   The Building Officer shall examine applications for permits within a reasonable time after filing.  If after examination, the Building Officer finds no objection to such application and it appears that the proposed work will be in compliance with all laws, ordinances, standards and regulations concerning such work, the Building Officer shall approve such application and issue a permit for the proposed work or other authorization as soon as practicable.  If his examination reveals otherwise, he shall reject such application and shall refuse to issue a building permit or other permit, and, when requested, state his findings in a notation concerning such application.  If the Building Officer approves such application for a building permit, the Building Officer shall make an entry of such approval upon the application.
(Ord. 2005-56.  Passed 8-8-05.)
   (e)   Upon approval of the application herein provided for and upon the payment of the required fees to the City Auditor, a building permit shall be issued to such person or persons to erect such building or structure, and the required fees for issuing each and every permit as aforesaid shall be as specified in Chapter 1305 of the Building Code, or as hereafter amended or hereafter required for obtaining a building permit.
   (f)   After any building or structure has been constructed in accordance with the building permit and the provisions of this Zoning Code, it shall be the duty of the Building Officer to make authorization for occupancy of same, certifying that the building or structure has been constructed in accordance with the building permit and Zoning Code and authorizing the installation of utilities and municipal services and the occupancy of such building or structure.
(Ord. 1952-98.  Passed 12-17-52.)