Persons requesting services to property inside the City and to subdivisions of land inside the City shall:
   (a)   Submit a preliminary plan to the Planning Commission showing existing and proposed streets and lots and locations of water mains and sewers.  Where a new subdivision or undeveloped land is involved, all the requirements of Chapters 1109 , 1111 and 1113 shall be complied with.  If a final plan of the subdivision has been previously approved and recorded, the preliminary plan and development plan shall be for the particular service extension involved.
   (b)   Construct and install the improvements, including street grading and paving and sewer installations, under City supervision, provision of water mains (owner purchasing materials, cutting ditch and backfilling; the City to make installation) and other improvements in accordance with Chapter 1113 .
   (c)   Pay tapping fees for connections of each lot to the water system.
   (d)   Pay tapping fees for connections of each lot to the sanitary and storm sewer system.
   (Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)