1111.09  ACCURACY.
   Any owner or proprietor of lots or grounds within the City who subdivides or lays them out for sale shall cause to be made an accurate map or final plat of such subdivision describing with certainty all grounds laid out or granted for streets, alleys, ways, commons or other public uses.  Lots platted, sold, auctioned or intended for sale shall be numbered by progressive numbers or described by the squares in which situated and the precise length and width shall be given of each lot sold or intended for sale.  Such map or plat shall be subscribed by the owner or owners, the proprietor or developer, the mortgage holder with his certificate of consent, the surveyor or engineer, the proper municipal authorities and the City Planning Commission.  Such signature of the owner or owners or proprietor or developer or his agent duly authorized in writing shall be acknowledged before an officer authorized to take the acknowledgement of deeds, who shall certify the acknowledgement of the instrument.
(Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)