Where, as indicated by the Master Plan, a proposed subdivision contains, wholly or in part, a proposed public open space or a proposed site for a public building, such areas shall be dedicated to a public agency or reserved for acquisition thereby within a period of five years by purchase or other means.
   Normally the Planning Commission shall require that from five to ten percent of the area of a subdivision, exclusive of streets, be allocated for recreational areas.
   In determining such areas for dedication or reservation, however, the Commission shall take into consideration the prospective character of the development, whether dense, residential, open residential, business or industrial.  The Commission may reduce or waive the requirements for open space and sites in special situations where they would cause undue hardship or where there exists adequate open space to serve the population in the area to be platted.  Where a subdivided area is too small to provide an open space of suitable size and character, the Commission may require provision of such a tract as may be combined with open spaces provided or to be provided in adjoining areas, so as to produce a total area of adequate size.
   Due regard shall be shown for preserving outstanding natural or cultural features such as scenic spots or watercourses, exceptionally fine groves of trees and historic sites or structures.  Provision for public ownership is usually the best means of assuring their preservation.
(Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)