1111.06  BLOCKS.
   (a)   The maximum length of blocks shall be 1,300 feet.
   (b)   Blocks over 900 feet long shall have a crosswalkway approximately at center.
   (c)   The width of blocks shall be sufficient to allow normally, two tiers of lots of approximately equal depth.
   (d)   Irregular shaped blocks (including superblocks) indented by cul-de-sacs and containing parks and playgrounds, may, if properly designed, be adequately provided with parks, playgrounds and parking space and with agreements as to the maintenance of public areas.
   (e)   The long dimension of a block shall front on a major thoroughfare (to minimize intersections).
   (f)   Business and industrial blocks shall be designed for their prospective use.
(Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)