The final plan shall contain the following information:
   (a)   Identification.
      (1)   The name of the subdivision.
      (2)   The location of the subdivision by township, section, town, range or by other legal description.
      (3)   The names of the owners, the surveyor and the site planner.
      (4)   A graphical scale, being no less than one inch equals 100 feet.
      (5)   The date.
      (6)   The north point.
   (b)   Delineation.
      (1)   The boundary lines of the proposed subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, with angular and lineal dimensions.
      (2)   The exact location, width and name of all streets within and adjoining the subdivision and the exact location and widths of all alleys and crosswalkways.  The name of a street shall not duplicate that of any existing street in the Portsmouth Region, that is to say within the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission, i.e. three miles beyond the corporate limits, except a possible future connection of a street of the same name.  Proposed street names shall be checked with the proper City and County officials.
      (3)   True angles and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monuments (not less than three) which shall be accurately described on the plan.
      (4)   Municipal, Township, County or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and angles.
      (5)   Radii, internal angles, points of curvature, tangent bearings and lengths of all chord dimensions.
      (6)   All easements or rights of way provided for public services or utilities.
      (7)   All lot numbers and lines, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths.
      (8)   Accurate location of all monuments.  See Section 1113.12.
      (9)   Accurate outlines and a legal description of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated thereupon, and of any area to be reserved by deed covenant for the common use of all property owners.
      (10)   Building setback lines accurately shown with dimensions.
   (c)   Attendant Items.
      (1)   A certification by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plan represents a survey made by him and that the monuments shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct.
      (2)   A notarized certification, by the owner or owners, of the adoption of the plan and the dedication of streets and other public areas.
      (3)   A proper form for the approval of the Planning Commission and with space for signature.
      (4)   The signature of the mortgage holder with his certificate of consent.
      (5)   A certificate of the proper Municipal authorities and County authorities concerned with the specifications and inspection of utilities installation and improvements.
      (6)   Restricting covenants, if made a part of the deeds of sale of the lots, shall be shown on the face of the subdivision plan and so recorded.
      (Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)