All subdivision shall be made in compliance with the following requirements:
   (a)   After approval of the preliminary plan by the Planning Commission and the fulfillment of the requirements of these Subdivision Regulations and any other requirements specified by the Planning Commission, then one tracing of the final plan of the subdivision, on tracing cloth or negative, with a maximum size of twenty-four inches by thirty inches and a minimum size of sixteen inches by twenty-two inches shall be submitted to the secretary of the Planning Commission for approval.
   (b)   Action must be taken by the Commission within thirty days after submission of the plan.
   (c)   Upon approval of the Planning Commission, the developer shall record the plan with the County Recorder within three months.  If not recorded within this time, the approval of the Planning Commission shall be null and void.
   (d)   Any tract within the definition of the word subdivision shall be deemed a subdivision.
   (Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)