1107.01  PROCEDURE.
   Every person intending to subdivide or develop land shall do so in accordance with the following procedure in the order herein indicated:
   (a)   Submit two prints of a preliminary plan of the proposed subdivision or development (as described and required in these Subdivision Regulations), together with construction plans for the streets and improvements and one key map.  The subdivider or his agent may previously discuss this proposal with the Planning Commission, or its representative, in order to eliminate features which do not conform to these Subdivision Regulations.  However, the prints shall be officially filed with a representative of the Planning Commission at least ten days prior to the regular meeting of such Commission.  The Commission will act on the plan within approximately thirty days after the date of filing.
   (b)   Obtain tentative approval from the Planning Commission of the preliminary plan of the subdivision and approval of the construction plans for the streets and improvements.  The Planning Commission is hereby authorized to approve, disapprove or make revisions in the preliminary plan and in the construction plans.  Tentative approval of the preliminary plan shall not be construed as acceptance of the subdivision.
   (c)   Construct and install the improvements in accordance with the construction plans as approved by the Planning Commission, or in lieu thereof, enter into a contract with the City, together with a bond in a sufficient amount and with sufficient sureties guaranteeing the completion, without cost to the City, of all the improvements in accordance with the construction plans.  The subdivider shall be financially responsible for the construction of all of such improvements, and such improvements shall be completed, or such contract and bond as herein provided shall be executed and approved by the City, before the final plan of such subdivision is submitted to the Planning Commission for its approval.
   (d)   Submit the final plan of the subdivision or development to the Planning Commission and obtain its approval and, if the subdivision or development is within the corporate limits of the City, also obtain the acceptance and approval of such plan by Council.
   (e)   Have the final plan, as approved by the Planning Commission, and by Council where necessary, recorded in the Office of the County Recorder of Scioto County, Ohio, not later than twelve months from the date of tentative approval.
   (Ord. 1966-45.  Passed 5-12-66.)