947.06  PERMIT FEES.
   (a)   The Service Director is hereby authorized to impose the following fees for use of Spartan Stadium, Branch Rickey Park, Riverfront Camping Grounds, the Esplanade, City-owned parks, and ballfields:
      (1)   Spartan Stadium - Where a charge or contribution for admission is made for a special event the fee will be $100.00.  If the event is put on by a not-for- profit agency the charges may be waived.  The fee for use by semi-pro football teams will be $500.00 per month.
      (2)   Branch Rickey Park - The fee will be subject to the lease agreement by Shawnee State University.  Any other organization wishing to use the field, after obtaining permission from Shawnee State University, may make a donation to the City of Portsmouth Parks system.
      (3)   Parks and Esplanade use permits - $10.00 fee.
      (4)   Softball Field #1, $50.00 per month.
Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per day for each campsite, one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125.00) per week, and two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per month.
The senior rate is as follows:
Twenty-two dollars and fifty cents ($22.50) per day for each campsite, one hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents ($112.50) per week and two hundred and twenty-five dollars ($225.00) per month.
The senior rate is defined as a camper of sixty (60) years of age or older.
      (5)   Riverfront Amphitheater - The fee will be $50.00 per day.  When no admission is charged the rate will be $35.00 per day.
   (b)   All payments of fees required to be paid hereunder shall be made within two days following each day facilities are used under a grant of use as herein provided and shall be made to the City Auditor in the Finance Department office in the Municipal Building or to the Public Service Director in the Service Department.
   (c)   Fees shall be deposited in Council Trust for Existing Parks and Recreation Fund #900.800.
   (d)   The Public Service Director, for good cause, may waive or alter any of the above fees.  (Ord. 2016-173.  Passed 12-27-16.)