The Service Director is hereby authorized to grant the use of Spartan Stadium and Branch Rickey Park for events, contests, exhibitions and games under the following terms and conditions:
   Every application shall be made in writing, which application shall set forth:
   (a)   The names of any persons interested in the event for which the Stadium and Park are to be used.
   (b)   The nature of the event, contest, exhibition or game to be held or exhibited.
   (c)   The date or dates applied for.
   (d)   The schedule of admission fees to be charged, if any.
   Applications shall be considered and given preference in order of filing with the Service Director. The Public Service Director shall have final say in scheduling events at these facilities.
   Applicants must provide the City of Portsmouth a certificate of insurance naming the City of Portsmouth as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000 prior to approval of the application. 
(Ord. 50-2016.  Passed 6-27-16.)