941.16  LICENSING.
   (a)   No person, firm or corporation shall collect, remove or transport recyclables, renderings, manure, swill, offal or other noxious, offensive or dangerous substances, or the contents of any privy, vault, cesspool or sink, commercial or industrial garbage and refuse within the City without a license issued by the City upon recommendation of the Director.
   (b)   The Director shall inspect, or cause to be inspected, each vehicle for which a license is sought, and determine to his satisfaction that the vehicle is in good operating condition, and that it is so constructed as to prevent the littering of the streets in the event of rubbish collections and that it is constructed to prevent spillage or drippings in the event of garbage collection or spillage of any material which the vehicle is designed to collect.  The Director shall insure each licensed vehicle has the appropriate safety equipment to include fire extinguisher, backup alarm, emergency lights, etc.
   (c)   A separate license shall be issued for each truck and every license shall expire at the end of each calendar year.  A fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall be levied for each license.  No license shall be prorated.
   (d)   Whoever violates this provision shall be fined not more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) late fee, and fifty dollars ($50.00) for each subsequent offense.  Each day’s continued license violation shall constitute a separate offense.
   (e)   The servicing commercial sanitation firm must license each commercial container, rolloff container, stationary compactor, stationary compactor container and/or industrial waste container each year.  Each application shall have attached a list showing the type, size and location of each commercial container, rolloff container, stationary compactors, stationary compactor containers and/or industrial waste materials container to be serviced by the applicant.  The license fee for the stationary compactor is $25.00 per year per unit.  The license fees for the commercial containers, rolloffs, compactor containers and the industrial waste material containers are $1.00 per cubic yard, any portion will be rounded up to the next greatest cubic yard, i.e., 1.5 cubic yard, the fee will be $2.00, 90 gallon tipper containers will be $1.00 per container.
(Ord.  2002-106.  Passed 9-23-02.)