Licensing Generally
705.01   Licenses required.
705.02   Application and issuance.
705.03   Auditor to sign and record.
705.04   Contents.
705.05   Transferability.
705.06   Term.
705.07   Evidence of liability to pay fee.   
705.08   Display; production upon applying for renewal.
705.09   Renewals to persons discharged from armed services.
705.10   Revocation.
705.11   Billiards and pool.  (Repealed)
705.12   Operation of poolrooms.  (Repealed)
705.13   Roller skating.  (Repealed)
705.14   Bowling alleys.  (Repealed)
705.15   Shooting galleries.  (Repealed)
705.16   Dance halls.  (Repealed)
705.17   Night clubs.  (Repealed)
705.18   Itinerant street musicians.  (Repealed)
705.19   Pushcarts for collecting junk.
705.20   Household movers; fee; records and reports.  (Repealed)
705.21   Junk shops, second-hand  dealers and antique dealers.
705.22   Second-hand automobile dealers.
705.23   Automobile wreckers.
705.24   Records and reports for automobile wreckers, second-hand dealers and junk shops.
705.25   Peddlers or goods and/or services door to door.
705.26   Peddlers of goods carried in vehicles.  (Repealed)
705.27   Peddler's licenses; reduced fees in certain cases.  (Repealed)
705.28   Restrictions on hucksters and peddlers.  (Repealed)
705.29   Street vendors.
705.30   Dealers in firearms and ammunition; fee; records and reports.  (Repealed)
705.31   Itinerant vendors; license; fee.
705.32   Itinerant vendors; exemptions.
705.33   Open markets.
705.99   Penalty.
Power to regulate - see Ohio R.C. 715.51, 715.61