The Fire Marshal, when in his or her opinion further investigation is necessary, shall take or cause to be taken the testimony, on oath, of all persons supposed to be cognisant of any facts or to have means of knowledge in relation to the matter under investigation, and shall cause the sums to be reduced to writing; and if he or she shall be of the opinion that there is evidence sufficient to charge any person with the crime of arson, or with the attempt to commit the crime of arson, or of conspiracy to defraud, or criminal conduct in connection with a fire, he or she shall cause the person to be lawfully arrested, and charged with an offense or either of them, and shall furnish to the proper prosecuting attorney all such evidence together with the names of witnesses and all of the information obtained by him or her, including a copy of all pertinent and material testimony taken in the case.
(Ord. 68, passed 5-2-1938)