(A)   All services for utilities shall be made available for each lot in a manner so as to eliminate the necessity for disturbing the street and alley pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalks and drainage structures when connections are made.
   (B)   Water service lines shall be a minimum of three-fourths inch type “K” copper and shall be provided with a corporation at the main and a curb stop located at least two feet outside of curb with cover not to exceed one and one-half feet. Subdivider shall provide a suitable marker marked “W” (minimum letter height of two inches) on top of curb.
   (C)   Sanitary sewer service lines shall be a minimum of four-inch, shall meet the same requirements for sanitary sewers described above, shall be constructed from the main to the lot property line using wyes and necessary bends, and shall have a minimum cover at the property line of four feet, where possible.
   (D)   The subdivider shall place a suitable marker at the point where the service lines are stubbed out so that these lines can be easily located for connection by the city. Suitable markers shall be “W” for water and “S” for sewer stamped in top of curb or edge of payment if no curb is constructed. Letters shall have a minimum height of two inches and a minimum width of two inches.
(Ord. 459, passed 12-17-1985)