§ 156.032  LOTS.
   (A)   All lots shall conform to the regulations as set forth in the city’s zoning regulations.
   (B)   Corner lots in residential areas shall be wider than inside lots so as to allow an appropriate setback from both streets.
   (C)   Each lot shall face onto a public street or private drive. Lots with street frontage at both front and rear shall, be avoided except when backing on a highway or thoroughfare.
   (D)   Side lines of lots shall be approximately at right angles to straight street lines and radial to curved street lines.
   (E)   In subdivisions where buildings are to be served by septic tanks, the size of lots shall be sufficiently large to accommodate adequate drainage fields and to meet the standards set forth by the State Department of Health and the city.
   (F)   Residential lots shall be a minimum of 60 feet wide at the front building line and a minimum of 100 feet deep and shall have a minimum area of 6,000 square feet.
(Ord. 459, passed 12-17-1985)