(A)   An application, in writing, for the approval of the preliminary plat, together with six prints, shall be filed with the City Manager at least 15 consecutive calendar days before the meeting of the Planning Commission, if the plat is to be considered at the meeting. No plat will be considered by the city until the prescribed filing fees have been paid.
   (B)   The plat shall be drawn to a scale of 100 feet to the inch, or larger, and shall show:
      (1)   New features.
         (a)   The proposed name of the subdivision;
         (b)   North point, scale, date and approximate acreage of the proposed subdivision;
         (c)   The names and addresses of the subdivider and of the engineer, surveyor or planner;
         (d)   The tract designation and other description according to the real estate records of the City or County Auditor and Recorder; also, designation of the proposed uses of land within the subdivision;
         (e)   The boundary line (accurate in scale) of the tract to be subdivided;
         (f)   Contours with intervals of two feet or less, referred to sea level datum; and
         (g)   The names of adjacent subdivisions and/or the names of record owners of adjoining parcels of unsubdivided land.
      (2)   Existing features.
         (a)   The location, widths and names of all existing or platted  streets or other public ways within or adjacent to the tract, existing permanent buildings, railroad, rights-of-way and other important features, such as abstract lines political subdivision or corporation lines and school district boundaries;
         (b)   Existing sewers, water mains, culverts or other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto with pipe sizes, grades and locations indicated;
         (c)   All parcels of land intended to be dedicated for public use or reserved in the deeds for the use of all property owners in the proposed subdivision, together with the purpose of conditions or limitations of the reservations, if any;
         (d)   The layout, names and widths of proposed streets, alleys and easements; and
         (e)   The layout, numbers, setback lines and approximate dimensions of proposed lots, blocks, parks and the like.
      (3)   Utilities.  A plan of the proposed water and sanitary sewer lines and proposed drainage facilities including drainage areas, location of lines, inlets, culverts, bridges and calculated runoff and points of concentration.
      (4)   Location map.  A location map of the proposed subdivision on a scale of one inch to 2,000 feet showing existing and proposed streets and thoroughfares covering an area at least one mile outside the proposed subdivision.
      (5)   Cross-section.  Cross-sections of proposed streets showing the width of pavements, type of pavement and location and width of sidewalks.
      (6)   Approval block.  The following notice shall be placed on the face of each preliminary plat by the subdivider:
   Preliminary Plat for Review Purposes Only
         The following certificates shall be placed on the preliminary plat by the subdivider:
         Recommended for Approval
         Chairperson Planning and Zoning Commission   Date
            City of Port Isabel, Texas
         Approved for Preparation of Final Plat
               Mayor               Date
            City of Port Isabel, Texas
      (7)   Submission.
         (a)   The Planning and Zoning Commission shall be furnished with six prints of the preliminary plat along with a letter of transmittal stating briefly the type of streets, drainage facilities, sanitary facilities and water system 15 days or more before the regular Planning and Zoning meeting.
         (b)   The Planning Commission shall take action on any preliminary plat submitted to them, in accordance with these regulations, within 30 days after the plat is filed with the City Manager. The final action taken on the preliminary plat by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Commission will not constitute in any manner the acceptance of the subdivision nor the improvements to be placed therein but will be merely an authorization to proceed with the preparation of the final plat.
      (8)   Approval.  The approval of the preliminary plat by the City Commission shall be effective for a period of 180 days after the approval date, unless reviewed by the City Commission in the light of new or significant information, which would necessitate the revision of the preliminary plat, the revision being subject to the same procedures as the original preliminary plat, if a final plat for the subdivision, or a portion thereof, has not been submitted, or if a change in requirements has not occurred which would affect the preliminary plat, at the end of the 180 days after approval, then the City Commission will declare the preliminary plat null and void, unless the subdivider has requested and received an extension of time.
(Ord. 459, passed 12-17-1985)