§ 155.40  COMMERCIAL.
   (A)   Commercial areas are designated to provide a more stable, economically healthy climate for business. Protective boundaries are established to prevent loss in value of the respective use. Strip commercial zoning should be eliminated. Competitive private enterprise promotions between locations should be encouraged.
   (B)   Two primary shopping center locations are proposed; one in the Central Business District for the trade area east of the channel and tourist business, and one at the intersection of the Brownsville Road and State Highway 100 serving the area west of the channel. These are essentially served by automobile with adequate parking provided.
   (C)   Four secondary shopping center locations are proposed, directed toward the tourist or the immediate adjacent land use and each within one-fourth mile walking distance of the anticipated trade.
   (D)   Boat and fishing enterprises are retained along the water frontage.
(Ord. 218, passed 6-13-1960)